About Us

Our Background is in long term management in the Battersea area

Jeremy W Loudan formed Spencer Lewis Managing Agent in 1999 and established a name for good old-fashioned service for the residents in the properties managed by that firm.

Jeremy has now formed SL Property Consultants to further develop his style of service. A substantial number of his former clients continue with him in his new venture. Prior to setting up Spencer Lewis, Jeremy worked with one of the UK's leading firms of property consultants and led a department of 21 property managers and four team managers. He has also been involved in some of the most prestigious residential developments from Docklands to Central London.

Our Approach

Jeremy’s philosophy is to manage well and he intends that this newly formed firm advances this in the service to his clients. The indication of a good managing agent is one who listens to the clients, hears what is said, offers practical advice and takes prompt action.

We will agree a number of service levels with you, relating to key issues, such as dealing with repairs and answering letters.

A good managing agent communicates back to the client. We believe in getting on with the job of managing buildings whilst keeping the client fully informed through regular communication. We see the relationship between the client and ourselves as a team. We can issue regular newsletters, which can help reassure the residents that we are aware of the property issues that particularly concern them, such as keeping control of expenditure - and what is happening about them!

The idea is this simple: You select the level of service to suit your property's needs. We provide a complete range of services in menu form. So the package you specify can be anywhere between a straightforward accounting-only service to a full management package. We also provide other services linked to other professionals using their experience. All other service providers are checked by us and must meet our criteria for delivering a prompt service.

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