Management Fees

Our management fees are charged based on the amount of time that we believe it takes to provide our best service to our clients. This will depend upon the level of service chosen from the menu and the size of the property concerned. Our fees exclude VAT.

Building Surveying Services

SL Property Consultants' co-Director, Stephen Cooper BSc MRICS, can provide advice on planned maintenance, repairs and redecoration of your property. The surveyor's charge for this work is 10% plus VAT of the final contract price. In addition to this, we will charge 2% plus VAT to cover our administration costs, which include the serving of Landlord and Tenant Act Notices, dealing with any residents' correspondence, collecting the monies and settling the contractors' invoices. Using an independent surveyor, we can offer you both an excellent and flexible service. We will also guide you as to the correct level of reserve funds to cover such works.

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