Why Switch to Us?

If you are reading this, you are probably unhappy with your existing property manager, and trying to make the hard choice of moving to another managing agent. 

You will probably get several referrals to different companies, and when you meet them they will all seem perfectly nice.  But what does it really come down to and what makes us the right choice for your block?

Communication - We get the communication right, both through our innovative website for your building, and in person.  We keep you in touch.  

Complete Range of Services - With our broad experience, and expertise in management, accounting practice, and surveying we are able to cover all the aspects you will need in your building.

Rapid and Local Response - You need to know that when you require our service we will be there.  We pride ourselves in making sure we can respond quickly and get the right contractors with the appropriate skills on site as quickly as possible.

Efficient Management - When you appoint someone, you want to know they are going to stay on top of problems, manage the regular maintenance and keep everything under control.  With us, you can rest assured we will have things under control and be there when you need us.

Reasonable Fees - Because we tailor our fees to the needs of your building, you get the service level you need at an appropriate price.


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